McGhee Done With Recruiting

After committing to Colorado Davyon McGhee thought he was through recruiting, saying he could see himself at Colorado, he could see himself playing in their uni's. That was before Coach Prince and staff started recruiting him...
January 27, 2006

Colorado Now Leads for McGhee

When the BSN first caught up with Davyon McGhee back in January, his interest in the place his father attended school was very low. Now that CU is showing interest in McGhee, his tune has drastically changed. Enough so that the Buffs now lead for his services.
May 24, 2005

Texas RB has UW interest

Davyon McGhee expects the Badgers to be among the schools who evaluate him this May
April 26, 2005

Houston Junior is a Familiar Name

<b>Darian Hagan</b> is not the only former Buff with a son who will be recruited next season. Former Buff All-American <b>Kanavis McGhee</b> has a son that will be a name to watch in Houston. The BSN caught up with running back <b>Davyon McGhee</b> to find out what kind of player he is and what schools he is looking at. He has always been a Buffs fan.
January 27, 2005