Prep Tour: Patterson School

Chris Chaney once again has horses to play an attacking style. Getting up and down the floor won't be a problem for Nate Miles who could put up huge number at Patterson this year.
October 2, 2007

Miles Is Latest Junior To Commit

With no sign of the trend ceasing, Nate Miles became the latest underclassman to make an early decision. Miles followed his gut feeling, one that's been brewing a while, and picked a national college power.
November 20, 2006

Best Friends Hope To Reunite

Nate Miles and Sean Patterson were once roommates in the Patterson home, but now they are hundreds of miles away. Despite the distance, they maintain a very close relationship. Could they soon be together again at a Division One college?
November 15, 2006

2008's Miles Getting It Together caught up with Nate Miles, a 2008 standout from Cornerstone Christian. Miles breaks down where his game and his recruitment is in this update.
November 14, 2006

AAU Nationals: Saturday Rundown

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – The end of the month has arrived and if the level of play at the AAU Nationals is an indicator, we've got a tired bunch of kids (and recruiting analysts) on our hands. From Dante Jackson to Nate Miles, here's what's shaking from Disney.
July 30, 2006