SPRING: The good, the bad, the question: QB

IN A ROLE reversal from last spring, Sean Canfield takes the reins as the Beavs' starter headed into spring drills while Lyle Moevao spends time in the surgery bay. How will Canfield respond as the No. 1? Who will emerge during spring ball between Ryan Katz and Peter Lalich in the battle for No. 2? And just how many quarterbacks do the Beavs have on the roster anyway?
March 3, 2009

Fall Camp Storylines: QBs and RBs

WHAT ARE THE storylines for both the quarterbacks and running backs on the eve of fall camp at Oregon State? What's the depth chart look like headed into camp, what about the infusion of rookie talent and walk-ons, and what are the two units' key strengths and weaknesses as the Beavers head into the 2008 season?
July 31, 2008

The good, the bad, the question: QB

Despite last year's starter, Sean Canfield, sitting out the month recovering from a torn labrum the quarterback situation is less muddled than last year as Lyle Moevao has taken firm control of the offense.
May 19, 2008

OSU rookies will benefit from early start

OREGON STATE's INCOMING recruiting class gets an early -- and significant -- start before fall camp begins at Oregon State. And a quick check of the rule book provides a little more clarity on the roster crunching that occurs prior to fall camp before, when classes start, there's a sudden influx of familiar and new faces for when the rosters increase.
May 15, 2008

Focusing in on the fall roster

IT MAY HAVE escaped more intense notice by Beaver fans, there can always be that tendency to tunnel vision in on the starters and pay less attention to most everyone else, but a report last week said only one of three walk-on quarterbacks at Oregon State would likely be invited to fall camp following the spring session. Which will it be?
May 14, 2008

Spring ball: The newcomers

A host of new players on both sides of the ball will be participating in their first spring practice session. Here's who they are and where they fit within the football program.
March 26, 2008

Six walkons join team for sping ball

Oregon State University head football coach Mike Riley has announced six walkons will join the program in time for spring ball staring Mar. 31.
January 10, 2008