QUOTEBOOK: Dwight Roberson sounds off

PLAYERS AND COACHES DON'T OFTEN say what they really, truly think when there's a mic stuck in their face – it's far easier to toss out a bunch of clichés than it is to watch the media turn unfiltered honesty into Distraction Mountain. But sometimes, just sometimes, guys like OSU linebacker Dwight Roberson ignore all that, and speak straight from the gut.
November 28, 2010

Time for Beavs to start fast

IF OREGON STATE was ever going to be jacked up for a game, this is it. The seniors got together this week, and players and coaches have answered questions until they're blue in the face and about everything from motivation to execution. They're tired of it. And the best way to ensure they don't have to answer more of those types of questions is to come out onto the field keyed up and flying high.
November 20, 2010

Another running QB, another Beaver loss

CORVALLIS – WSU coach Paul Wulff played a mean trick on the Reser Stadium crowd Saturday afternoon. Throughout the 31-14 stomping, he knew exactly what he was doing. So did WSU sophomore quarterback Jeff Tuel. And it wasn't as if the trick hadn't been played on the Beavs before.
November 14, 2010

BF.C Keys to the Game – Arizona State

A SEPTEMBER TO remember? Not quite. But there's also no need for Beaver fans to conjure up the mental image of Animal House's Chip Diller when they hear this -- ‘Remain calm! All is well!' And a number of things could go well for Oregon State this Saturday. For starters, there's the ASU secondary..
September 30, 2010

DEFENSE NOTES: Roberson with 16 stops

THE DEFENSE GAVE up the same total of yards against TCU, but came up with a big interception to seal the win. Grades and more inside.
September 19, 2010

Forget stat line, Beaver D was the difference

CORVALLIS -- On Saturday, the Beavers played Louisville and won, 35-28. In 2005, the Beavers played Louisville and lost 65-27. What was different in those two games five years apart? The leadership and big play ability of the Beaver defense. Yes, that's right, the defense. Here's why..
September 18, 2010

Brief moment in time just long enough for OSU

IT DIDN'T LAST very long – it was only about five and a half minutes. But that stretch to open the second half ultimately won OSU the game over Louisville. On special teams, offense and defense, OSU finally found "it" coming out of the locker room. Execution was suddenly crisp, and in all phases of the game. But it was all too brief, and what looked like a comfortable win turned into a nailbiter.
September 18, 2010

COMMENTARY: Time for OSU to embrace change

ONE GAME IN and significant changes are already afoot this season for the Beavs. At the top of the list is the seemingly surprise move of starting safety Cameron Collins to outside linebacker – which begs more questions: Are there more dominoes that potentially sets up? And should the Beavs stop there as far as changes and tweaks go? The answers are yes, and oh hell no.
September 9, 2010