Phillies Minor League Wrap-Up

The past week saw the Phillies minor league affiliates go 9-16. We've pulled the highs and lows from the performances and assembled them all for your convenience.
May 19, 2008

CD's Connect The Dots... Sink or Swim

The definitions vary, but in baseball terms, it means to succeed or fail, according to the competence and diligence of your own efforts. The Philadelphia Phillies must now think long and hard about this definition as they ponder the use of rookies Kyle Kendrick and J.D. Durbin during the stretch run. Both have been successful and deserve the chance to...sink or swim.
August 19, 2007

Is Emergin' Durbin Changing Trade Focus?

J.D. Durbin was an after thought. He was simply in the majors to fill a spot in the rotation until the Phillies could find somebody else. Now, with back-to-back strong outings, the Phillies are rethinking his role with the team and exactly what their trade focus should be.
July 25, 2007

CD's Connect The Dots... Next Leading Man

Is there a Clark Gable or Cary Grant in the house? A Paul Neumann or Robert Redford? At this point in time, it appears Philadelphia's Phillies would settle for a J.D. Durbin or J.A. Happ. Or even a Matt Maloney or Carlos Carrasco. Disabling injuries to hurlers Fred Garcia and Jon Lieber have forced the team to look for leading man.
June 27, 2007

Owings Prepares for Pressure-Packed Debut

Micah Owings makes his first major league start Friday against the Washington Nationals. The Nats have a soft lineup, RFK plays like a pitcher's park, and hordes of family and friends will be there cheering Owings on. The only way to perfect this scenario would be to make his mound opponent former teammate and friend Matt Chico of the Nationals.
April 5, 2007

Series Review: Diamondbacks at Rockies

The Diamondbacks were outscored 21-15 in a series predictably dominated by offense, but nevertheless managed to salvage a victory on opening day. A timely hit from Eric Byrnes and four relief innings with only four baserunners allowed in that opener proved to be the highlights of this three-game set.
April 5, 2007