D-Backs Scavenge for Second Base Bargains

The Arizona Diamondbacks are courting low-priced second basemen in an attempt to fill the void left by the impending departure of free agent Orlando Hudson, and they seem to be considering a platoon.
November 29, 2008

Mets ink Easley for bench

Damion Easley will be coming off the New York Mets' bench in 2007, reportedly agreeing Thursday to a one-year contract with the club.
November 17, 2006

Off Day as Melvin Uses Bench

Skipper Bob Melvin believes in his bench, communication, and winning. As the D'Backs finish up their first series of the year in Colorado, he is showing that all three can work together.
April 6, 2006

What If the Season Started Today: Part 2

The infield is key. The defense sucks up Brandon Webb's ground balls, the corner infielders provide the power, and up the middle you need brains behind the plate, and speed at short and second. Young and old, vets and rookies, sluggers and slap hitters, all coexisting around the diamond. How would these many pieces of the puzzle fit together...if the season started today?
December 13, 2005