Phils drop Bruntlett, four others from roster

Philadelphia fans won't have Eric Bruntlett to kick around anymore. The light-hitting utility infielder was removed from the Phillies 40 man roster along with four other players.
November 16, 2009

Will Phils Have a Tad Interest at Second?

Phillies fans are biting their nails with news that second baseman Chase Utley could miss a couple months of the 2009 season. So, just how will the Phillies fill-in at Utley's vacant spot?
November 21, 2008

What Can Eric Bruntlett Do For The Phillies?

Eric Bruntlett certainly wasn't the center piece of last week's deal that brought Brad Lidge to Philadelphia. So, just why did the Phillies want him included in the deal and what can he bring to the team?
November 12, 2007

It just wasn't meant to be

BravesCenter's Bill Shanks is still in pain over Sunday's loss by the Braves in Houston. Watching the replay only made it more difficult. Here are his thoughts on how the Braves' season came to an abrupt end.
October 11, 2005