Carthon Sticks to the Basics

It's a rare event that an assistant coach is made available to the press, but Friday was such a day. Maurice Carthon, the Browns offensive coordinator, spoke to the media, and tells them he will remain a conservative play-caller...
July 28, 2006

Carthon and Grantham Meet the Press

Maurice Carthon wore a natty Tuxedo when he accepted his Arkansas Hall of Fame trophy in a ceremony last month. Back in more comfortable attire Friday afternoon, the Browns new offensive coordinator - along with defensive coordinator Tood Grantham - met the local Browns media.
March 11, 2005

New Week Starts with Flurry of Moves

The Browns started Romeo Crennel's first full week with a bang on Monday, dumping QB Jeff Garcia, hiring someone to revive the offensive line, and starting a renewed chase for a defensive coordinator. Here are some of the details...
February 15, 2005