Holiday Bowl Video: Sr. WR, Michael McNeill

Senior tight end Michael McNeill talks about the practice field and how challenging that makes practice. He also touches on Washington, the weather and he even shares a childhood memory that had him going to the hospital
December 26, 2010

Ready for the rubber match

He's two for two in games against the team he grew to hate while growing up in Missouri. This is the rubber match, as they say. But there's a lot more riding on this game than bragging rights, and McNeill said that the team is preparing to face an outstanding Tiger team.
October 26, 2010

Being a receiver isn't as easy as you think

Check out this post practice video as senior tight end/wide receiver Michael McNeill talks about his continuing adjustment to this new hybrid role, his graduation coming up tomorrow and the biggest hit he's seen..perhaps ever.
August 13, 2010

Fall Practice Video: WR, Michael McNeill

He's a wide receiver. No, he's a tight end. Nope, he's both. It's probably harder for us, the general public, to come to terms with just what senior Michael McNeill will be doing this year. But he knows full well. It's about adding another dimension to an offer which he thinks will vastly improve. It's an offense that as we know, really needs to. McNeill talked about that and more today.
August 7, 2010

Spring PC Video: Michael McNeill

He's the "adjuster." There's some sort of spoof in there about some seventies detective show. There has to be. But there's no drama with McNeill and his role as a wide receiver, which he describes as nothing new. It has a new name, but McNeill says he'll continue to do what he has been trying to do, and that's make a big difference in the passing game.
March 23, 2010

Setting up history

You probably didn't know it, but last year's 57-yard field goal to beat Colorado - that was all Michael McNeill. From the dropped ball the play before to the key block on that game-changing play, McNeill etched himself into history. OK, maybe not, but it's nice to remember, and heading to Boulder during the short week, McNeill wouldn't mind that happening again. At least that will mean they win.
November 23, 2009

Fall Camp Video - Michael McNeill

As Nebraska's leading returner at catching the ball, Michael McNeill knows that he and his position of tight end will be a feature this year. And he'll do that with a new quarterback and a host of inexperienced wide receivers. McNeill talked about that during this Fall Camp Video, along with this goals for the 2009 campaign.
August 8, 2009

Auburn Football Scrimmage Notes

News and notes on Auburn's second major spring scrimmage are featured with a report on a key player who was injured.
April 11, 2009