Roads wins becoming a Vikings trademark

Since 2009, few teams struggled as badly as the Minnesota Vikings when it came to winning on the road. Since their 2015 bye week to their 2016 bye week, nobody has been better.
Yesterday at 7:20 PM

Dr. Roto's Narrative Play of Week 7

There is an interesting narrative in play this week and who likes narratives more than Dr. Roto? Watch the video on Sam Bradford's return to the city of Brotherly Love.
Yesterday at 10:03 AM

Key matchup: Former teammates face off

Only time will tell who got the better of the Sam Bradford trade to the Minnesota Vikings, but he and Carson Wentz will face each other Sunday after the trade that surprised them both.
Yesterday at 7:06 AM

Road warriors face unwelcoming opponent

The Vikings are 7-1 in their last eight road games and are heading into Philadelphia Sunday looking to remind Eagles fans that the real bad boys aren't in the stands, they're in the visiting locker room.
Last Friday at 8:02 AM

Hard-core stats: Vikings at Eagles

The Minnesota Vikings will look to exploit some of the weaknesses the Eagles have shown lately, including one strength for the Vikings and one weakness. We go deep into where the vulnerabilities reside.
Last Friday at 5:04 AM

Eagles explain their side of Bradford trade

Any Vikings fan is familiar with the nuts and bolts of the Sam Bradford trade. On Wednesday, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz explained their version of the drama.
Last Wednesday at 10:22 PM

Eagles know Bradford, praise his accuracy

The Minnesota Vikings have leaned a little on Sam Bradford for knowledge on the Philadelphia Eagles, but the Eagles also know Bradford well and rave about his accuracy.
Last Wednesday at 2:08 PM

Vikings defense prepping for hot rookie

It only took a matter of hours over Labor Day weekend for Carson Wentz's career to take a significant turn when the Eagles traded Sam Bradford to the Vikings, turning the rookie from developmental project into the full-time starter. He has earned the respect of the Vikings defense, as have their other speed weapons.
Last Wednesday at 12:58 PM