One-on-One with DL Seth Jensen

Acclimation period is known as those couple of days before the players can go in full pads. But for most if not all freshmen, there's a lot more than goes into acclmating to division 1-A. For defensive tackle Seth Jensen, he got a head start on that in the summer, which he's very glad of right now. Now it's just getting everything else down. That's a chellenge in and of itself.
August 12, 2006

Work increases as arrival to Lincoln looms

Every football player works out anymore. It's not so much an off-season as it is a separate season from the one you are trying to prepare for. That's the road Seth Jensen is on, with a couple of obstacles, Jensen still rehabbing a shoulder and a knee. He's on schedule, though, and is looking forward to his arrival in Lincoln, which is right around the corner.
May 25, 2006

Getting To Know: Seth Jensen

You may not have ever seen a recruiting highlight film like Seth Jensen's before, but I have never spoke to anyone like Seth Jensen before. You'd better have a pen and paper at the ready when you are talking to Seth because more than likely you will hear something you want to remember. Without further adieu, here is Seth Jensen, one on one.
February 25, 2006

"It's nothing personal..........."

The locker room fills up, then empties. The lights barely glimmer over a field on a Friday night, then suddenly flicker on, illuminating this field, one of thousands just like this all over the country. It's game-time. For Seth Jensen, this time of preparation is as much mental as it is physical, but both are destined for one inevitable conclusion: Mayhem. That's what he is. That's what he does.
January 22, 2006

ScoutTV - DE, Seth Jensen

If you like aggression and intensity, Fort Morgan defensive end Seth Jensen is the guy for you. He won't apologize for being bigger, faster and stronger than those he's facing. He'll just show you why it's better to be him than you. The Huskers like the stout rush ends that have a bit of a mean streak to them. They definitely got that in Jensen. Enjoy this edition of ScoutTV, featuring fort morgan, Colorado's Seth Jensen
December 14, 2005

Husker victory has commit ready for future

How would you like this to be you: You are a Colorado native, recruited by the Colorado Buffaloes, but you commit to Nebraska, their most hated rival and you are in the stands at Folsom Field, watching your Huskers take on your in-state school. You think there's a conflict there? Think again. For Seth Jensen, what happened in this game was better than he could have ever hoped.
November 28, 2005

Jensen comments on official to Nebraska

There are few of the visitors that have been more visibly noticeable than Seth Jensen. He wears his emotion on his sleeve and when he is at Nebraska games you can tell he is having a great time. Throwing the bones. Shooting "Der' Viener Schlinger". Seth give Big Red Report on his visit and the scoop on another commit.
November 13, 2005

Unofficial over, Jensen ready to suit up

He's already taken a few trips, but each is just as special as the last. Well, this was Oklahoma/Nebraska, so this one could have been even more special than all those before. Jensen talked about his unofficial visit to Nebraska, the game and also, the recruits that were there, who he talked to and if anyone is leaving Lincoln as the newest member of the Big Red.
October 30, 2005