Farm Feeding Helps Phils Fight Injury Bug

Good teams need to be able to battle through injuries throughout the season. In the case of the Phillies, they've had plenty of injuries and have done well to find suitable replacements that have helped them stay on top in the National League East.
May 17, 2010

Now Catching... Paul Hoover

Carlos Ruiz is technically listed as day-to-day with a strained knee ligament, but being day-to-day is the good news. Should things turn worse, Paul Hoover is the catcher of record for the Phillies. So, how much trouble - if any - does that present for the Phillies lineup?
May 13, 2010

Hoover isn't surprised by Kendrick's outing

If you really want to know how a pitcher is throwing, many times, neither the pitching coach or even the pitcher himself is the one to ask. Instead, Philly Baseball News went to Kendricks' former battery mate Paul Hoover to ask about Kendricks latest outing.
April 21, 2010

Market opens Friday for Phils minor leaguers

The Phillies have 28 players who qualify for minor league free agency. They've contacted some of them about returning, but starting Friday [November 20], free agents - both in the majors and minors - can negotiate and sign with any club.
November 19, 2009