Cards Take One, Lose Two in 2008 Rule 5 Draft

Effectively, the St. Louis Cardinals end up with $50,000 for Anthony Reyes as his trade partner Luis Perdomo heads to San Francisco in the Rule 5 Draft. The Cardinals also lost Cody Haerther as expected and picked up a minor league reliever, Russ Haltiwanger.
December 11, 2008

Cardinals' 2008 Rule 5 Draft Reserve Lists

A look at the St. Louis Cardinals organization players that could be taken in December's Rule 5 Draft, along with those on the Reserve Lists.
November 21, 2008

Potential 2008 Cardinals Rule 5 Eligibles

Without action, 14 St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers will be eligible to be taken in December's Rule 5 Draft. We look at the list and predict which ones are most at risk.
October 2, 2008

Cardinals Execute More Minors Player Moves

The St. Louis Cardinals have sent three more players down to the minor leagues, two others plan to retire, one has been excused, while three others are home nursing injuries.
March 11, 2008