5 Minutes With Maurice Purify

Former Nebraska wide receiver Maurice Purify landed with the Cincinnati Bengals last year, and after a little more than a year on the team's practice squad, he tells Scout.com's Ed Thompson that he's ready to take the next step in his NFL career.
November 11, 2009

2008 NFL Draft Watch

Get the scoop on some of the emerging stars from the college ranks that your favorite NFL team could be scouting right now. NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber fills you in.
November 27, 2007

Big game doesn't erase losses

Maurice Purify once again proved that he's one of the best pass-catching threats, certainly in Husker history, but he's making a statement for this conference, this year. Against Kansas, he proved that against one of the more heralded cornerbacks in the country, Aqib Talib. Despite the three touchdowns and the over 150 yards, Purify would have rather had the win
November 6, 2007

Ganz offers new dimension to Husker offense

Joe Ganz is now the man at the helm. It's an opportunity he's been waiting for and it seemed, one he might not ever get. But as they say, if you are number two, you need to be prepared to be number one. Now he is. But what does that mean for Nebraska ?
October 29, 2007

The greatest fans in the country?

It's doubtful any recruit actually committed only because of the fan base of Nebraska, but they had heard all the stories. The loyal fan base, the applause for the opponents and how well they travel to games. Nowadays, Players have a different perspective, because they have seen a far different side, maybe one they never thought they would see.
October 23, 2007

Getting excited easy to do

Even a game like Missouri can't dampen the spirits of some. Even taking a physical pounding doesn't do much to stifle the emotion for the game. Senior wide receiver Maurice Purify looks at things simply, because that's the way things are. It doesn't matter what happened last week. It's time to get ready and excited about the week to come.
October 10, 2007