Arizona RB Back on the Market

Last week I reported that former Corona/Hamilton RB Justin Salum was leaving the Air Force Academy and he took a beating on the message boards. In Justin's defense, he had no real way to defend himself, so here is an exclusive interview with Justin and he explains why he left.
November 28, 2007

Arizona top-30

Arizona may not produce high school football talent on a level with California or Texas, but the overall quality of athletes coming from the Grand Canyon State is getting better. This year's crop has some elite level recruits and some others with a load of potential.
June 24, 2006

Elite Camp showcases some top talent

The Arizona Elite Camp has become a prime recruiting event. A number of talented players have made the trek to Tucson for a chance to work with Wildcat coaches. Some use the camp as a chance to check out the school, some as a chance to get noticed and some just want to get better for their upcoming season.
June 11, 2006