Bill Cole Not Ready To Conclude Career

The Fighting Illini basketball team is saying goodbye to four seniors. Three have over 1000 points each in their careers, while Bill Cole is less heralded. But he is a great example of how hard work, perseverance and a willingness to sacrifice personal goals for team goals can leave a positive legacy.
March 6, 2011

Bill Cole Hot Streak Comes At Good Time

The Fighting Illini basketball team has better depth this year than last, so competition for positions is more intense. One player most assumed would lose playing time was senior wing Bill Cole. But he wasn't about to take a back seat without a fight. After struggling early in the season, he has bounced back and has been a major factor recently.
January 4, 2011

Illini Benefitting From Cole Transformation

Some basketball bench warmers transfer to schools where they can get more playing time. Others use their status as motivation to improve. Fighting Illini junior wing Bill Cole may have found his niche, that of being an energy guy off the bench. He has gone from being a deep reserve to early substitute in just the last few weeks.
December 17, 2009

Bill Cole Getting Comfortable In Third Season

College coaches make recruiting decisions based on their projections of how much players will continue to improve and mature. It is an inexact science as some players take longer than others to reach their full potential. Illini junior Bill Cole's progress is continuing, and he may finally have found his niche on the team.
November 16, 2009

Bill Cole's Versatility Key To His Future

Colleges are allowed to give out 13 scholarships, but only five athletes can play at any one time. Some must ride the pines, waiting for their opportunity. Bill Cole is one such athlete for the Illini. His versatility has hindered his progress to date, but it may ultimately be his special gift.
February 16, 2009

Versatile Cole Eager For New Start

Illinois was hoping to redshirt at least one of its three freshmen big people last year. Mike Tisdale, Mike Davis and Bill Cole were all slender and could have used a year of development. But all showed early signs, especially Cole who impressed just long enough to burn a year of eligibility before missing most of the season with injuries.
October 28, 2008

Bill Cole Was a Big Catch for Illinois

Fans talk a lot about future Illini players Demetri McCamey, Mike Tisdale and Quinton Watkins, but the sleeper in this entire class may be Peoria 6-10 Illinois native Bill Cole. Last night Cole took the time to speak with Read here for an in-depth interview with Cole.
April 13, 2007

HoopFest: Day Two Rundown

DRAFFENVILLE, Ky. – Brandon Jennings and Nolan Smith fueled Oak Hill past Provine. The final day of the event yielded a handful of strong performances.
December 4, 2006