Tisdale Perseveres Despite Strength Issues

Whenever a tall player enrolls at the University of Illinois, some fans hope he will be the dominating center of their dreams. Expectations often exceed actual ability, leading to disenchantment. Senior Mike Tisdale has battled those expectations throughout his career, but he seems to be at peace with his Illini accomplishments.
March 7, 2011

Mike Tisdale Excited About Senior Season

The Fighting Illini basketball team is creating a buzz of excitement with its depth of talent and athleticism. But it is the seniors who must perform their best for the team to reach lofty goals. Senior center Mike Tisdale, likely the best shooter on the team, has gained strength and is much more physical in the post. And his improved confidence makes for a better leader.
October 20, 2010

Mike Tisdale's New York Adventure

From skinny farm boy to mature, experienced, worldly NBA prospect. That is the transformative odyssey Illini center Mike Tisdale is on as he continues to refine his basketball skills. His most recent adventure took him to New York to serve on a scout squad preparing the USA basketball team for the World Championships.
September 6, 2010

Tisdale Continues Play vs. Pros In New York

Mike Tisdale has returned from his week practicing with the USA team a new man. His improved confidence is obvious as he reflects on his special week playing against pro basketball players in Las Vegas. It is helped even more knowing he made the cut to practice another week with the USA team in early August.
July 28, 2010

Mike Tisdale Readies For USA Team Challenge

What's the next best thing to playing with the USA Basketball National Team? Getting to practice against them as they prepare for the World Championships. That is the opportunity Mike Tisdale enjoys next week as he joins 19 other collegians in Las Vegas. Tisdale has been working hard, and he sees this as an opportunity to test his skills.
July 16, 2010

Tisdale Seeking Consistency For Stretch Run

For the Fighting Illini basketball team to make a title run, it will need contributions from everyone. Unfortunately, consistency has been a problem. The second leading scorer on the team is center Mike Tisdale, and he hit 8-11 at Wisconsin. But he has had games where he has been in foul trouble or double-teamed and unable to get open shots.
February 11, 2010

Mike Tisdale Important Cog In Illini Attack

It takes time for a tall player to develop his body and his basketball game. For the impatient fan and coach, the wait can seem excruciating. But patience is often a virtue. A good example is Mike Tisdale. The Illini center is continuing to develop his strength and add weight, and the more he does the better he plays.
November 23, 2009

Mike Tisdale Continuing His Development

Every year, Fighting Illini basketball fans wonder whether center Mike Tisdale has put on additional weight. The slender seven footer has an outstanding shooting touch, and he is a good ball handler and passer. But rebounding and defense rely upon strength and size in the lower body. Tisdale works hard, but it is a continual process.
September 28, 2009