Role upped

Expected before the season to continue his role as a defensive stalwart, Northwestern senior Jeremy Nash has done a lot more. Like, A LOT. Purple Reign looks at what Nash was supposed to do this season, and how he has thus far shattered those expectations.
December 15, 2009

Sterling, Jeff, & Luka Might Get More Time

NU Roundball Coach Bill Carmody was on the WGN Sports Central Show with Dave Kaplan and talked about the upcoming game with Stanford, and how he might use some of that depth on the bench.
December 18, 2008

Too Much 2nd Half Wolverines: UM 58 NU 46

Oh, for just a few more layups falling, or maybe a typical game from outside the arc from one of the Northwestern Wildcats, but as the picture shows, even NU's Kevin Coble had a tough time against Michigan's defense at Welsh-Ryan Saturday afternoon. Add Cold Shooting in the 2nd half, and NU is 0-2 in Big 10 play for 2007.
January 6, 2007

Escape! NU 40 UNF 39

"They didn't know they could win coming in here and we let them know that they could." -- Bill Carmody Post Game. Yes, It was a close game all the way with NU playing decent Defense all the way. But there were "issues" with rebounding and scoring - and where were the Veterans...?
November 25, 2006

Correcting a quote about Jeremy Nash

We thought we got the quote right, but we didn't. Last week Purple Reign talked with Jeremy Nash's High School coach about his style of play. Quite frankly we misquoted Coach Nash and now we want to set the record straight.
August 19, 2005