BENNETT: Rankings aside, Wazzu D must improve

ONE OF THE keys to Washington State's remarkable turnaround on the basketball court the past two seasons has been Tony Bennett's outright refusal to accept anything less than optimum effort at all times. The genial, easy-going image that Bennett almost invariably projects in public often gives way to a demanding, hard-nosed leader of men at practices and meetings.
January 28, 2008

Cross and Sauls compete for PG playing time

PULLMAN -- Basketball practices on the Palouse have been underway for less than a week but it's clear a battle royale is shaping up between senior Jeremy Cross and freshman Stephen Sauls for the backup point guard spot behind Taylor Rochestie. Both are noted for their skills at the end of the court where Bennett-coached teams tend to make their marks.
October 18, 2007

Cougar Hoops Notebook: Accents, bonds & youth

COUGAR CENTER Aron Baynes has been at Washington State for a couple years now -- apparently just long enough for that famous Palouse dialect to creep in, according to his fans back home in Australia. Plus, other notable notes from the Cougs' barnstorming tour Down Under.
June 20, 2007

Our questions and yours: Bennett answers all

IN AN INTERVIEW WITH WSU basketball coach Tony Bennett this week,'s list of questions included a few readers have posed on our Luxury Suites message board. How's Nikola Koprivica's knee? What's the scoop with Chris Matthews' playing time? How deep will the rotation be for the Pac-10 tourney? What's the buzz in recruiting? The leader of the nation's No. 13 team answers all this and more
February 28, 2007

Tony Bennett: Equal parts Raveling, Walden

IN ADDITION TO WIELDING Big Bertha with a beautiful combination of distance and accuracy, rookie Cougar hoops coach Tony Bennett is no slouch when it comes to interviewing. While waiting for his turn Thursday at the 10th hole of the King County Cougar Club's annual golf tourney in Kent, Bennett packed enough information into a five-minute conversation to make George Raveling and Jim Walden proud.
June 2, 2006