Inside Mavs Playoffs: The 4 Horsemen At PG

Devin, Barea, Deron and Felton seem like unlikely kryptonite to Westy and KD. But maybe, just maybe, these 4 Horsemen Of The Mavs Backcourt are suited to take advantage of what the Thunder struggle at. ... and can Avoid The Apocalypse. Come inside Mavs practice ...
April 15, 2016

NBA DFS: Dallas Mavericks - March 28

Corey Parson aka The Fantasy Executive discusses a key injury in the Dallas Mavericks' backcourt and the affect on the NBA DFS world.
March 28, 2016

Mavs Enjoy All Green Lights As Season Closes

DALLAS - Sometimes, you get money back from your tax return, the boss brings pizza for lunch, and you hit all green lights on your drive home. For the Mavs, Wednesday was one of those nights.
April 15, 2015

Identifying Three Mavs Stat Problems. Stat!

J.J. Barea. Brendan Haywood. And the fourth-quarter foilbles. A trio of Mavs problems coming into the week. I don't have the cure. But I think we've found something to mask the pain.
November 9, 2010

First Impressions: A Troubling Loss To Denver

The location was different … so were the results. Saturday night, Dallas lost soundly, 103-92, to a short-handed Denver Nugget squad that was on the backend of a Friday/Saturday back-to-back.
November 7, 2010

Barea At Minus-27: Do Mavs Need A Backup PG?

With all the positives said, the Mavs seem to be hearing a summer concern left unaddressed continue to whisper in their ear. This is a team without a backup point guard. Some will jump to the conclusion that that statement is an attack on Jose Juan Barea … it is not. But ...
November 1, 2010

Shannon Brown's effort doesn't phase Celtics

Shannon Brown did everything he could do impress Boston Celtics Director of Basketball operations Danny Ainge, but it doesn't appear to have phased the former Celtics star who will head up Boston's NBA draft efforts.
May 26, 2006

Portsmouth Invitational All-Tournament Team

Keydren Clark, a 5-foot-10 guard from St. Peter , was named the Portsmouth Invitational MVP. Clark highlighted the eleven-man All-Tournament squad after he led the event in scoring with 58 points in three games and paced Portsmouth Sports Club to a 104-88 win over Holiday Inn Portsmouth in the Portsmouth Invitational championship game. The following is a look at the All-Tournament team.
April 14, 2006