Issac plans on instant impact at Linebacker U

NEARLY LOST IN the fax machine hive of activity on Letter-of-Intent-Day was Oregon State's late hour charge to successfully land junior college linebacker Danzel Issac. A fast 'backer with size, Issac sounded like he was all but ready to sign with Nebraska. But the Beaver coaches were not to be so easily dissuaded.
February 16, 2006

"I am going to commit to Nebraska..."

Nebraska has surprised a few in their official visits and sneaking in a visitor that maybe wasn't expected or that up to that Friday no one had heard of. There is one that came in one of the last officials of the year and had a great visit and even spoke about committing. What was needed was time to talk about it with family over Christmas. What is the verdict?
January 1, 2006

Waiting on the O.K. to commit

Sometimes it's tough for junior college players. Not all of them are going to schools that are local to their hometowns and more than that some are across the nation already from family. Such is the case for Danzell Issac. Issac just returned from an official to Nebraska and may have been tempted to commit, but without family there needs to get some time to talk to some of them.
December 13, 2005

About 90% sure that it will be Nebraska

Here's another one. One of those 6-foot+, 200+ pound recruits that runs a 4.4. Wait a minute, they don't grow on trees, but Nebraska is doing a good job and going out and finding them. Nebraska knew about Danzell Issac over a year ago, but then he changed schools along with his coach. They found out about him when they were recruiting another from his school, Zac Bowman.
December 11, 2005