Flash Analysis: Lane on the Roster Cuts

Today's list of roster cuts contained a number of predictable moves, but others which might raise an eyebrow or two. Here are quick takes on each released player from OBR Football Analyst Lane Adkins.
August 30, 2008

Monday Notes of Note

No one analyzes a practice session like Lane Adkins, who provides the low-down on what happened Monday. Here are progress reports on depth chart battles at several key positions, key plays of the day, and, well, more detail than you can find anywhere...
August 11, 2008

Saturday Notes of Note

Lane Adkins reports from Saturday afternoon's practice in Berea, where the depth chart is beginning to gyrate a little following Thursday night's pre-season game and the exit of Gary Baxter (pictured). Plus, we're getting word of some possible roster moves being looked at behind closed doors...
August 9, 2008