Tuesday Practice Report

The Rebels began "the road to the Egg Bowl" Tuesday with a practice session on the practice fields in sporadic light rain and then moved inside when the rains got heavier. Read about it inside.
November 24, 2009

Strange Brew

The Ole Miss-LSU had the three 'Ws' - weird, wacky and wild, but in the end the right team - the Rebels - won the Magnolia Bowl, 25-23, and set themselves up for a New Year's Day outing. Read about the insanity inside.
November 22, 2009

Wednesday Practice Report

The last day of the heavy lifting - full pads - for the Ole Miss Rebels, preparing for Saturday's SEC tilt with Arkansas in Oxford, was Wednesday. Read about it inside.
October 21, 2009

Saturday scrimmage report

Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt stated Friday that Saturday's scrimmage would be a youth movement. With the frontline players getting very few snaps, the "pups" got their chance to show their skills. Read about it inside.
August 15, 2009

Special Teams -

The following is Part 10 of an 11-part series discussing spring training with the assistant football coaches. Today's offering deals with the special teams, under the direction of ST Coordinator James Shibest.
May 14, 2009

Special Teams -

Special Teams Coordinator James Shibest wasn't looking for miracles in spring training. He was looking, like the Marines, for "a few good men" to carry out special teams duties. He thinks he has identified most of those candidates.
April 27, 2008

Spring Review, Part VI

With the kicker, punter, holder, snapper and return specialists returning off a successful 2006 showing, special teams should be even better in 2007, says ST Coach Chris Rippon. Read about it inside.
April 14, 2007

Rob Park update -

Rising junior Rob Park has been the Rebel punter and holder on placements for the past two seasons. He now considers himself a veteran, and with that comes a degree of leadership responsibility and higher expectations of production. Read about it inside.
February 28, 2007