Simons' own private Idaho

Idaho is well known for potatoes, but there is one Russet that the coaches at Boise State hope continues to be home grown. Darryl Simons, a 6'1" 185lb wide receiver with the Shelley Russets, has drawn a lot of regional attention, with the senior leaning toward schools closer to home - specifically Utah State, Boist State, Utah and Idaho — which seem to be the frontrunners at this point...
October 26, 2006

Top-10's - IHSFC

BOISE - Here are the top-10 marks for each of the categories tested at the 2006 Idaho Football Combine, held at the Athletic Training Center in Boise, Idaho on Saturday. A big thanks to Kevin Taylor and Todd Hine of ATC for all their help.
May 7, 2006