Troy Pollard Hopes To Finish With A Bang

Severe injuries are always possible for college football players. Those unfortunate to lose seasons to injuries have a long road to play again. But overcoming trauma through hard work and dedication helps them learn life lessons those who never experience adversity can't appreciate. Illini running back Troy Pollard has persevered and matured as a result.
August 24, 2011

Troy Pollard Running Like Days Of Old

There were a number of exciting developments during the Penn State victory last Saturday for the Illini football team. First ever win at Beaver Stadium, major upset victory for a young team needing a win, and dominating a talented team were all satisfying. In addition, players like running back Troy Pollard made major contributions. Pollard has followed a difficult path.
October 14, 2010

Quickness Returns To Troy Pollard

There have been amazing advances in surgical techniques to repair torn knee ligaments. Athletes are recovering quicker and are able to return to full mobility in a manner unheard of in the past. But as Illini running back Troy Pollard can attest, a healed injury does not necessarily guarantee a quick return to top speed and agility.
May 10, 2009

RECRUITING: Wilson & Pollard Video Highlights

Friday Night Lights is almost upon us and the amount of high school talent expected on Florida field should be at an all time high. Among the talent is a large group of running backs that have the chance to dazzle. Two of those running backs come from the greater Jacksonville area which tends to put out great talent every year.
July 18, 2006