Photo Gallery : Dover Vs. Canton South

On a beautiful night for football at a terrific high school stadium in Dover, Canton South battled Dover until the last possesion that resulted in fumbled punt that allowed the Tornadoes to run out the clock and claim the hard-fought victory in front of the home crowd. Devon Torrence and his younger brother Devoe are highligted in this gallery along with Dover's Dan Ifft and Perci Garner.
August 25, 2006

On The Lighter Side

Every so often a recruiting update of a potential recruit turns into a special story that tells you so much more about a player's height and weight and what schools they're being recruited by. Or in Dan Ifft's case, which schools that are not recruiting him. Ifft, prolific wide receiver from Dover, is trying to keep the recruiting process in it's proper perspective, no matter how frustrating it may be for him, so that he can have a fun senior season and let the chips fall where they may.
April 10, 2006

Photo Gallery : Daniel Ifft & Perci Garner

In an offense that replicates the vaunted attack run by Mike Mauk at Kenton, Daniel Ifft and Perci Garner played starring roles at receiver and quarterback, respectively, for Dover last year. The Tornadoes, who finished 7-4 last season under head coach Dan Ifft, will go as far into the playoffs as Ifft, the coach's son, and Garner, and an improved defense, will take them in 2006. Mauk, by the way, and his son Ben, now at Wake Forest, won consecutive state titles at Kenton in 2001 and 2002.
February 24, 2006