Former Vikings DT Ballard suing players union

Former Vikings defensive tackle Christian Ballard is using the NFLPA, alleging it withheld information on the risks of head injuries.
July 18, 2014

Ballard leaves squad, others injured

Christian Ballard has been placed on the active/left squad list for "personal reasons," coach Leslie Frazier said. Others, like Sharrif Floyd, Matt Kalil and Jarius Wright were also held out of practice Sunday because of injuries.
August 18, 2013

Vikings wary of Rodgers on the run

Aaron Rodgers has proven himself as a passer, but the Vikings are particularly impressed with his ability to move around, both in the pocket and outside, creating a lot of problems for the defenders in coverage.
December 28, 2012

Texans approach the running game differently

The Texans have been successful running the ball, but their approach with Arian Foster and their style of running and blocking is different from the way the Vikings approach it. Several Vikings defenders explain what they see on film and the keys to defending it.
December 21, 2012

Abundant and critical penalties cost Vikings

There was a theme uttered by Leslie Frazier and Christian Ponder: shooting themselves in the foot. Eleven penalties, many of them at key moments, provided the ammunition for the Vikings' self-inflicted gunshot wound.
September 16, 2012

Notebook: Defenses adjusting to Ponder

The Packers made some predictable adjustments, but the Vikings and Christian Ponder couldn't capitalize. Plus, Christian Ballard's start may be temporary, the Vikings are back to being penalty-prone, and a number of Monday Night Football notes that keep haunting Minnesota.
November 15, 2011

Vikings sing the praises of Ballard

Christian Ballard is making a strong initial impression on the Vikings, who are looking for ways to get him involved in the defense when the regular season rolls around and many other rookies fade to the sidelines.
August 31, 2011

Ballard in ‘full rookie mode'

Fourth-round draft pick Christian Ballard is swimming in new information as he tries to absorb his assignments on the defensive line. While he's learning two positions, he's receiving help from some accomplished veterans.
August 12, 2011