Purple People Eaters 2.0?

With so much national focus on what's missing from the 2016 Minnesota Vikings, their defense-dominated 22-10 win over Carolina Sunday sent the statement that the guys who are still around can get the job done.
Last Sunday at 9:01 PM

Vikings finding all the right moves

The Minnesota Vikings aren’t always winning pretty, but so far they are winning often against quality opponents because of a complete team that just finds a way.
Last Sunday at 6:02 PM

Vikings continue to overcome obstacles

The Minnesota Vikings continue to lose key players, but that doesn't seem to effect their play on the field.
Last Sunday at 2:44 PM

Week 3 live blog: Vikings 22, Panthers 10

Notes on the Minnesota Vikings as they take on the Carolina Panthers, including starter changes and inactives before the game.
Last Sunday at 8:41 AM

Sunday slant: Already a team in transition

Mike Zimmer says the Minnesota Vikings won’t change from their run-first approach without Adrian Peterson, but the stats say they are already on their way in that transition.
Last Saturday at 10:14 PM

Preview: Panthers have talent all around

The short-handed Minnesota Vikings will have their hands full with a Carolina Panthers roster loaded with talent, depth and confidence.
Last Saturday at 8:20 AM

Podcast: Getting flipped off by a Packers fan

The Minnesota Vikings are working through injuries, but don’t expect sympathy from Packers fans, as one of them flips us off and then throws cheese curds at us as we discuss the state of the team.
Last Saturday at 6:49 AM

Where do we go from here?

As injuries to key players mount, the best thing the 2016 Minnesota Vikings have going is the myopia that makes the NFL great. For the fans? It may be a very different story when it comes to Adrian Peterson.
Last Saturday at 3:43 AM