You ask, They answer - Anthony Blue

It was one start, one shot? That might have seemed how it was at one point for cornerback Anthony Blue. Just as sudden as his arrival to the field for the Huskers, so too was his departure from a season-ending injury. It wasn't a career-ender, though, as Blue has steadily made it back to the point where he's ready to go. And today he answered some of your questions from the Red Zone.
April 17, 2009

Anthony Blue meets the press

Ask freshman cornerback Anthony Blue about the 100+ heat index in Lincoln, he shrugs, because he thinks it's nice compared to Texas. If you ask him what it's like to play for the notoriously demanding Phil Elmassian, he shrugs, because his prep coach was similar. It seems for Blue that the adjustment is just about getting everything down, because almost everywhere else, he's feeling just fine.
August 9, 2007

Blue sets his eyes on Lincoln

Nebraska is looking to find some depth in the secondary, again, this year. The coaching staff might be eager to look to some incoming recruits to potentially give them a look. One recruit could be Anthony Blue. Blue is a taller defensive back that is used to playing bump and run coverage and that could be just what the coaches are looking for.
May 15, 2007

Blue enjoys his trip to Nebraska

The Blackshirts threw a shut out. How appropriate for a weekend that had two official visitors there that play defense. The game and the weekend couldn't have gone a lot better for Anthony Blue who was in Lincoln taking his only official that he will take. The defensive back from Cedar Hill (Texas) liked everything about the trip.
September 24, 2006

Blue set for his official visit

Nebraska has been searching for some good, physical defensive backs to come in and be part of the system at Nebraska. Anthony Blue was one of the first to answer this call after taking an unofficial to Lincoln this summer. The Huskers are looking forward to hosting Blue again and he is not coming alone to Lincoln.
September 17, 2006

BRR Sunday Chat with Anthony Blue

It's not often that you the fan get a chance to ask questions to future or even current Huskers. Well, now you can. Through a moderator in our regular Sunday chats you get your chance to ask questions to current Husker commits. And tonight's commit was defensive back Anthony Blue. Check out your questions and his answers in our transcript of the Sunday night Q&A.
July 9, 2006

Commitment #7 is in for Nebraska

This past week Nebraska hosted a very important visitor. A visitor that was getting close to making a decision. That decision came tonight after careful deliberation. It came down to how his style matched that at Nebraska. It also came down to academics, a part as important to Nebraska as on the field performance.
June 27, 2006