WSU recruiting stretch drive: few spots left

WITH NATIONAL FOOTBALL letters of intent to be signed in just 15 days, the call from here -- presuming all verbals stay in place -- is that the Cougars have just three or four slots left to fill. The final number can fluctuate all the way up until Signing Day, but right now the CF.C projection is that the Cougs' 2007 class will number 23 or 24 -- although that figure could grow with grayshirts.
January 23, 2007

Top JC corner is down to three

Tough, physical corners who play an "in-your-face" style of football are coveted by programs across the country. That desciption aptly applies to El Camino CB DaMilyn Tanner (5-10, 175) who took a visit to Utah last weekend and has trips set up for the next two weekends as we draw closer to letter of intent day on February 7th.
January 23, 2007

DaMilyn Tanner: Another Top CB for El Camino

El Camino (Calif.) College will have no shortage of talent in 2006, despite several players signing with 4-year schools earlier this year. Cornerback DaMilyn Tanner (5-10, 170) is one of the Warriors who figures to continue the progression of El Camino players into the four-year ranks.
May 25, 2006