Dorsey Rewarded with Promotion

The Packers promoted Kevin Dorsey based on merit rather than an injury elsewhere on the roster. (Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
October 8, 2014

Stop the Nonsense About Receiving Corps

Is this really the "deepest group of receivers" in Mike McCarthy's tenure, as he has said? Apparently, the coach (and others) have forgotten about 2011 and 2012. Is this group so deep that six might make the final roster? That seems more like wishful thinking based on the first three weeks of camp.
August 14, 2014

From 1 to 89: Rookie Receivers

Part 7 gets us to No. 40 in our annual rankings. While seventh-round receivers Kevin Dorsey and Charles Johnson were sidelined, undrafted Myles White impressed Aaron Rodgers. Plus, Brett Goode is Mr. Consistency and Sean Richardson has a golden opportunity if healthy.
July 9, 2013

Despite Stats, Coach Calls Dorsey 'Playmaker'

Intangibles and physical tools make Maryland's Kevin Dorsey an intriguing addition to receiver corps. Maryland position coach Lee Hull called Dorsey perhaps the "hardest-working kid I've ever coached."
April 30, 2013

NFL DRAFT: Dorsey Gets The Call

Former Maryland wide receiver Kevin Dorsey was selected at No. 224 in the 2013 NFL Draft and several other Terps signed with NFL teams as free agents. Get the latest on all the former Maryland players here.
April 28, 2013

Seventh-Round WR's Going Opposite Directions

The Packers picked up two wide receivers in the final round of the NFL draft. While Grand Valley State's Charles Johnson was on the rise entering the draft, Maryland Kevin Dorsey had to overcome a tough final collegiate season.
April 28, 2013