Russell Ready for Another Swing

Tyler Russell came to Mississippi State looking to take the Bulldog program to new heights. A record breaking career later, Russell is now hoping to continue his playing career on the professional level. On Wednesday, Russell was put through the Pro Day paces with reps from NFL and Canadian Football teams on hand to observe.
March 6, 2015

Prescott Producing At A Record State Pace

It is no small matter tempting the Football Fates, especially here at Mississippi State. But when a Bulldog bolts out to the sort of record-writing start Dak Prescott has achieved, just maybe those Fates are smiling in admiration?
September 3, 2014

Reading the Progression

Dan Mullen was considered one of the top quarterback coaches in the country during his tenure at the University of Florida. Mullen's run to two BCS National Championships with Heisman winner Tim Tebow at the helm has been well documented. Many felt quarterbacks would flock to Starkville for the chance to play for Mullen. While it has taken a while, the quality of quarterback recruiting is on rise.
August 15, 2014

Perkins, Seniors Celebrate State Bowl History

If the college career must end, why not go out on a historic note? Which is exactly what LaDarius Perkins and the handful of elder Bulldogs have in mind for their New Years Eve date in Memphis. "It's a great opportunity for the senior class I came in with. Going to my fourth-straight bowl game, it's a great opportunity."
December 11, 2013

Bulldogs Await Sunday Bowl Selection

The coach is on the recruiting road, since knowing his current Bulldogs will be bowling is fine for now with Dan Mullen. It's fans who will watch the final regular-season weekend wondering, worrying, how every play and point impacts Mississippi State's post-season destination. They can all rest easy. Go Christmas shopping, even.
December 6, 2013

Prescott's Pride And Passion Keys Dog Victory

He will win more games in seasons to come. Some, possibly even bigger for Bulldog football. But no victory will ever mean more to Dak Prescott. "It's been wild, it's been plenty downs and plenty ups. And tonight was just amazing."
November 29, 2013

No Change In Egg Bowl Quarterbacks' Status

Another game, another waiting game for Bulldog fans eager—even desperate—to know who will take the first Mississippi State snap. Wednesday's SEC teleconference produced no new clues from Dan Mullen, either. "We'll figure that out at game time, just like last week," the coach said.
November 27, 2013

Williams Readies For An Egg Bowl Opportunity

This business of taking over for an injured veteran? It's nothing new to Damian Williams at all. He's done it before…way back in his freshman season of high school.
November 26, 2013