Forrest remains confident NFL in his future

FORMER COUGAR PUNTER Reid Forrest woke up Tuesday morning unemployed and back home in Ephrata, about as far removed from the National Football League as humanly possible. That situation, Forrest assures us, will not last long.
August 30, 2011

Reid Forrest says he's headed to paradise

NO ONE HAS EVER described Buffalo, N.Y., as paradise, but Reid Forrest seems willing to be the first. Forrest, upbeat and enthusiastic by nature, was bouncing off the walls of his Ephrata home Wednesday morning before racing to Spokane to fly to Buffalo to sign an NFL free agent contract with the Bills."
July 26, 2011

NFL Coug hopefuls forced to cool their heels

OUTGOING WSU SENIORS Zack Williams, Reid Forrest and Zach Enyeart had to fight their way to the top at Washington State, and the Cougars hope that benefits them as they wait to see what will become of their NFL ambitions.
May 5, 2011

Seen & Heard on Planet Coug

YOU GOTTA HAND it to WSU President Elson Floyd. He knows what he doesn't know. He hired Bill Moos because the former Cougar player and associate AD is as good as anyone in the land at what he does. So Floyd let Moos decide whether Paul Wulff would – rightfully, in my opinion – be back next season to complete the turnaround he has so painstakingly orchestrated over the last three seasons.
December 8, 2010

4 Cougar seniors reflect as careers wind down

PULLMAN -- All the spring practices, summer practices, fall practices, weight lifting, video sessions, position meetings, road trips, wins and losses -- and yes, there were far too many of the latter – come to a conclusion Saturday for the 20 seniors on the Washington State football team. Few, if any, will ever play football again.
November 29, 2010

NOTEBOOK: Cougs becoming a sack happy bunch

AFTER LOGGING just 13 sacks last year, Washington State in 2010 is in reach of doubling that number for 2010. The Cougars have 23 sacks this season. Eleven of those have come from defensive linemen, with DE Travis Long posting a team-high four QB takedowns.
November 24, 2010