Video: Yoshi causing laughs

Things were getting chippy on the field Saturday and it wasn't the offensive lineman you would expect talking back. Yoshi explains...
September 19, 2011

An interview with "Yoshi"

He didn't seriously lift weights until Nebraska. He never lost a football game until JUCO. There are a lot of changes which have taken place in the life of Jermarcus Hardrick, all of them making him all the better, he says. Enjoy this video as the mammoth offensive lineman talks about the road here, some of his background, his nickname and why he knows this is the place he should be.
September 7, 2010

Practice Notes - Mike Smith done for the year

Check out the skinny on today's practice as Nebraska loses a two-year starter on the offensive line. Head Coach Bo Pelini talked about that and more in this practice recap.
August 11, 2010

Meant to be a Cornhusker

The trip for Jermarcus Hardrick from Mississippi to Nebraska had a layover in Denver when he sent a text message about his trip. Hardrick, Jay Guy and Chase Rome are the three mid-year enrollers for Nebraska and each come in with the possibility of playing this fall and making an impact. That's exactly what Hardrick wants to do for him and his team.
January 9, 2010

Trio set to arrive by the weekend

It's a trend anymore that kids want to enroll early at their future colleges. Nebraska gets three of their own, all slated to be in Lincoln by this weekend.
January 5, 2010

Signed, sealed and waiting to deliver

It was just a week ago when big news came for Nebraska with the commitment of Jermarcus Hardrick to Nebraska. Today, Hardrick signed his national letter of intent with Nebraska and is the first one in the class of 2010 to do so. Hardrick talks about getting the recruiting process behind him and what his thoughts are about Nebraska as a program and the upcoming bowl game.
December 16, 2009

Hardrick comments on commitment

What a week it's been. Nebraska is now even on the week after losing two high school commitments earlier in the week and picking up two critical junior college commitments today. The burning question for some with Jermarcus Hardrick is why?
December 9, 2009