Draft Preview - Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota has plenty of holes to fill in this draft, including receiver and linebacker. The Vikings have two first round draft picks and 11 all together.
April 22, 2013

Frazier Brings His Own Style

New defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier would like the Vikings to be more of a true Tampa-2 team, but that will require some adjustments from how things panned out last year.
June 4, 2007

Frazier's Tweaks Likely Found in Blitzes

New defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has coached and played in several different defensive systems, and while he'll keep the team's base Tampa-2, his mark likely will be felt in the different ways the defense pressures the quarterback.
February 19, 2007

Audio: Vikings Talk on Sirius Radio

Viking Update's Tim Yotter was a guest on Sirius NFL Radio Friday night. Hear what the hosts and Yotter had to say about the team's offseason outlook.
February 9, 2007

Frazier To Stamp Tampa-2 His Own Way

New Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier talks about the different defenses he has coached and played under and how that will affect his philosophies as he coordinates Minnesota's defense.
February 9, 2007