Canham seeing double; Sinisi sac

Vince Sinisi reaches base four times but finds the art of the sacrifice. Mitch Canham banged out two homers and Rolando Valdez pitched a gem. Omar Gutierrez has not seen the same luck as early in the year. Nick Vincent is hit hard while Dan Robertson keeps hitting. Pedro Hernandez fans seven but the DSL Padres lose.
August 12, 2008

Young rehabs; Sanchez no hits to date

Manny Ayala pitches well but Greg Burke drops the game. Chris Young is back on the hill and Barry Gunther debuts. Jeremy McBryde takes his seventh loss of the year. Geoff Vandel is chased early in an Eugene loss. Steve Goins and Matt Means are pummeled in the AZL. Juan Chavez and Juan Oramas pitch well, earning a DSL Padres split in the last two days.
July 16, 2008

Huber launches winner; Kluber in pen

Justin Huber launches an eventual game-winner in the top of the ninth, as the Portland offense saves Wade LeBlanc. Rolando Valdez the starter and Corey Kluber in the pen? Jeremy Hefner is dynamite and Andrew Parrino has a heroic moment but the Wizards are swept in the final at-bat of each game of a doubleheader. Rymer Liriano hits his fifth and Jhonaldo Pozo has a big day in the DSL.
July 3, 2008

Hundley heroics; Ekstrom Rolaids

Nick Hundley comes through – twice. Mike Ekstrom provides relief in a big spot. Brian Joynt continues to hit and Cesar Carrillo is back on the bump. Luis Durango accounts for four runs but the Wizards lose. Tom Davis is pummeled early and often. Chase Williams has an impact in an AZL Padres win. Rafeal Arias has been the man with inherited runners in the DSL.
June 26, 2008

Padres Prospect Interview: Cooper Brannan

Cooper Brannan was getting his feet wet in his first professional season. He was learning to listen to his body and working back towards becoming the pitcher he remembers with improved velocity. This season, he expects to post the results.
June 17, 2008

Extended Padres play to tie

PEORIA, AZ- The San Diego Padres extended spring training club played to a 3-3 tie against the Cubs. The starting lineup was Ray Stokes, Keisy Marte, Ryan Hill, Emmanuel Quiles, Brian Joynt, Brian Lauderdale, Jose Mayi, Edgra Garzon, and Kevin Acosta.
May 18, 2008

Padres MLN: Minor league games begin

Peoria, AZ- The San Diego Padres played the Chicago Cubs in minor league action on Friday, the first such game of the spring. High-A and Low-A played at the Peoria Sports Complex. Brian Giles had four at-bats in the game, going 1-for-2 with two walks and an RBI.
March 14, 2008

Razor on AZL Padres Pitching Prospects

Dave Rajsich has been working with the young pitchers in the San Diego Padres system for several years and they all credit him with their development. We caught up with Razor to discuss the prospects in Arizona: Vantroit Medina, Yesid Salazar, Geoff Vandel, Tyler Davis, Yoeli Florentino, and Cooper Brannan.
January 1, 2008