Fitz says he might take his ball and go home

According to a report Ryan Fitzpatrick is telling people he'd rather "not play football "than accept the Jets current offer
April 28, 2016 publishers mock draft network of NFL publishers make picks for the teams they cover, who will the Jets take?
April 28, 2016

Fitz needs Jets more than Jets need Fitz

The Jets could certainly use Ryan Fitzpatrick but Fitzpatrick needs the Jets
March 13, 2016

Robert Griffin III to Visit Jets Today

The Jets will bring in Robert Griffin III for a visit today and now we're about to have some fun
March 11, 2016

Browns scramble for QB, wind up with Thigpen

Rex Grossman turns down quarterback-deficient Browns
December 23, 2014

Behind Enemy Lines: Part I

How big of an impact will Chad Pennington's injury have on Miami's offense? How is the Wildcat doing in year two? Get these answers and more in Part I of our Behind Enemy Lines look at the Dolphins with Alain Poupart of Dolphins Digest...
October 1, 2009

Jags on the Prowl

The Jacksonville Jaguars might be on the market for a quarterback to push David Garrard. Who are some potential suitors to fill this role?
August 29, 2009