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Baltimore Ravens Announce Renovations for M&T Bank Stadium

Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium, home of the NFL Ravens, placed 14th in our Top 100 Stadium Experiences of 2016. They were the top ranked NFL stadium. It looks like the team is not content with their ranking.

The Ravens announced this week that they will be making $144 million of improvements at the stadium. The team will be funding a pretty amazing $120 million of the total amount. The Maryland Stadium Authority has received approval by the State of Maryland’s Board of Public Works to pitch in the other $24 million. That amount of money is not coming directly from taxpayers, but is a part of the authority’s yearly earnings. These earnings come from a variety of sources, including rent from the Baltimore Orioles and a 10 percent admissions tax on all games and events at Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium. M&T Bank Stadium was built for $220 million in 1998.

The changes include a dramatic increase in size (124% larger) for the end zone video boards, four new vertical video boards in the upper corners, eight news suites in upper corners (apparently replacing the "flite-deck" areas), kitchen expansions, and club-level renovations.

The change getting most of the attention is two new escalators (at opposite corners of the stadium) providing club-level and upper-level access. The lack of elevators to the top levels of the stadium were seen as one of the few obvious failings at the stadium.

The team will also increase ticket prices for the upcoming season.  This will be the first increase in season ticket prices since 2013.

The Ravens have more information posted at their website.

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