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Groups Set for 69th Viareggio Cup in Italy

Earlier this month, the clubs that will participate in the LXIX edition of the Viareggio Cup were announced. The tournament, reserved for players between the ages of 15-19 years old, will be held from March 13-29th.

Two stadiums will serve as hosts to the matches: Torquato Bresciani Stadium in Viareggio, Tuscany, and the Bruno Ferdeghini Stadium of La Spezia, in Liguria.

There are 40 teams that will try to write their name in the golden book of the event. Juventus FC was the winner of the 2016 tournament. Hailing from four continents, there will teams representing 14 different nations. Obviously Italy is the country with most competing clubs with 23. Then there are three from Argentina, and two from the United States.


Here are the ten groups in which the 40 teams were divided.

Group 1: Juventus, Dukla Praga (Czech Republic), Toronto (Canada), Maceratese

Group 2: Atalanta, Osasco (Brazil), Abuja (Nigeria), Ancona

Group 3: Empoli, Zenit St Petersburg (Russia), Athletic Union (USA), Ascoli

Group 4: Inter, Pas Giannina (Greece), L.I.A.C. New York (USA), Spal

Group 5: Bologna, PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands), Sassuolo, Pisa

Group 6: Napoli, Camioneros (Argentina), Rappresentativa Serie D, Bari

Group 7: Milan, Belgrano (Argentina), Ujana (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Spezia

Group 8: Fiorentina, Cai (Argentina), Garden City Panthers (Nigeria), Perugia

Group 9: Genoa, Bruges (Belgium), Cagliari, Parma

Group 10: Torino, Rijeka (Croatia), Cortuluá (Colombia), Reggiana

The event will open with a match between Juventus and Dukla Praga, in what will be a remake of the final staged in 1968.

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