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New Review: Syracuse Basketball

There is truly no place like dome for the Syracuse Orange. A rabid fanbase that fills up the Carrier Dome in excess of 33,000 provides home court advantage, while providing fun and excitement for fans in the crowd.

Syracuse bills itself as New York's college team and if that is the case, then the Carrier Dome is New York's college arena. Not only does the Orange football team play here, but so does its nationally recognized lacrosse team. However, the most famous denizen of the dome is the basketball squad that is now the 6th-winningest program in NCAA history.

Over the years, many future NBA stars have played under Coach Jim Boeheim, with the most notable perhaps Carmelo Anthony, who led the team to the 2003 championship. NCAA violations announced in 2015 led to a loss of scholarships and hurt the reputation of both Boeheim and the school, but they rebounded to make a Final Four Appearance in 2016.

It looks like the worst is over, so we paid a visit to the Carrier Dome to see if the experience of attending an Orange basketball game has changed.

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