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Bassano Virtus 55 ST Considering New Stadium Construction

There may soon be a new facility built at the site of the Stadio Rino Mercante in Bassano del Grappa, Italy.

The Bassano Virtus 55 Soccer Team, owned by the Rosso family, and known throughout the world for the Diesel clothing brand, may soon have a new home.


The club, currently playing in Lega Pro, the third level of Italian professional football, has officially launched a phase to study and analyze the construction of a new multipurpose sports facility in the Bassano del Grappa area (in the province of Vicenza, in the Veneto). The stadium would be built where the Stadium Velodromo “Rino Mercante” currently stands.

Courtesy Bassano Virtus

It’s a stimulating and important project for the growth of the club, presented along with B Futura, the program through which the league provides member clubs the tools necessary for the construction or renovation of stadiums and sports facilities.


“This is the first step that we hope will help us in the realization of a dream, to bring this company to grow through the redevelopment of an area of interest for the community. From the first moment when we acquired this company, we thought to communities, and tying our sports dream the social and the territory that hosts us. This structure will be a pole of attraction thanks to the commercial areas and services that will host and which will see the multi-functionality of their own strength, with a so active structure not only at the weekends where there are competitions, but throughout the whole of the week,” said Stefano Rosso, president of Bassano Virtus.

The Riccardo Cestari study showed images of the future facility, specifying that currently it comes to a pure exercise in style on how the new structure could be. It could be a stadium that brings to mind one of the monuments that is a symbol of Bassano del Grappa, the Ponte degli Alpini, the bridge rebuilt after the Second World War following the drawing made by Andrea Palladio in the XVI century.

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