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New Review: Western Illinois Basketball

If you are looking for a good college town environment visit Macomb where the school and community are nicely intertwined.

Macomb, Illinois home of Western Illinois University has all of the feel of a small southern college town. As you approach Macomb you will need to drive through several rural miles of interstate followed by another 20 plus miles of country highways before you see the small quintessential college town. Macomb is a place where the school and the town are intertwined into a singular culture.

The basketball teams play in a very unique venue known as Western Hall. It's a smaller arena with seating that folds out from the walls. Newly renovated and comfortable seating is found throughout the venue.

The Leathernecks play their home games in the Western Hall, a venue that seats 5,139 and was opened in 1964. Western Hall was renovated prior to the 2016-2017 season making the game experience more enjoyable.

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