CJ2K: Titans "will regret letting me go"

Despite finding a good fit with the Jets in free agency, Chris Johnson says he's still bitter about how his career with the Titans ended.

Chris Johnson may have signed with a new team this offseason, but that doesn't mean he's moved on from his old one. The New York Jets running back told NewYorkJets.com Senior Writer and Team Insider, Eric Allen, that he still feels slighted by his departure from Tennessee.

"At the end of the day I think they did me wrong," Johnson said on Tuesday.

"I'm going to make them regret letting me go."

The 28-year-old told reporters that he believes the team decided to move on after he refused to report to training camp in 2011 while attempting to negotiate a new contract.

Johnson is coming off of knee surgery, but said he's excited to get back onto the field and learn the new offense.

"It feels really good," he said. "It's been so long since I was actually on the field to participate and run and catch and do all those types of things. I felt a little rusty but I can feel the rust knocking off. I should be all right."

The rust applies to both Johnson's ability on and off the field. He said he's had a tough time adjusting to the new playbook, but notes the only way he will get better is by getting on the field and running the plays.

"The playbook is pretty tough," he said. "I'm just making sure I keep studying and paying attention in meetings and taking notes. You won't know the playbook and get it down pat until you're out there on the field."

Luckily for Johnson, fellow running backs Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell have plenty of experience running the Jets offense. Ivory joined the team last season after spending his first three years with the New Orleans Saints while Powell has spent all three of his NFL seasons with the Jets.

"They have helped me out a whole lot," Johnson said. "They have been in the playbook and have years under their belt. Anytime I don't know something or something is confusing I talk to those guys and they get me on the right page."

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