Thirsty Thursday: Must-Drink Shandies

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade—with beer!

Most fruit-infused beers are gross. There. We said it. But the Shandy—a mash-up of loud mouth soup and not-too-lemony lemonade—is undeniably awesome. It's tasty and is like this magic elixir that face punches the hot weather. For real: Back in the 1800s German long distance cyclists didn't carry wimpy water, instead they packed freaking shandies. So if you're playing in the sun this summer (or hungover—seriously, who wants a thick Bloody Mary when it's 90 out?) down these refreshing beer Gatorades.

Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy

Straight out of suds-buzzed Wisconsin, Leinenkugel was one of the first to drop a pre-made shandy. It's an easy drinking but full-flavored brew with a decent hint of tart lemon that makes your mouth water.

Amstel Radler

Whether or not you drink Amstel, you have to admit it's pretty big flavored for light beer. Same thing here, it's bold and chugable with a bright citrus bump that starts on the nose and carries through to the finish. (PS: Radler, which means cyclist, is what Germans call shandies.)

Narragansett Shandy

Gotta love ‘Gansett's big comeback of late. Great beer, killer tallboy cans, and the coolest motto: Made On Honor, Sold On Merit. This new brew holds up to their famous lager. It goes down smooth with a sugary Lemonhead bite. Best part: The can's design looks like the Nathan's Beef Franks pack, so it quenches your thirst and makes your crave hot dogs.

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