Roundtable: Subjects of interest

Each week, we ask the hoops recruiting team to ruminate on a specific question.

We've finally arrived at the cusp of the July live period. What are some things you're most eager to watch this month?

Josh Gershon: I did my schedule differently this year, choosing to spend the spring traveling the country, hitting the major shoe circuit, giving me a lot more flexibility in July. There are a lot of talented kids that don't play on the major shot circuit — or younger prospects who do — and the West Coast events in July provide a great opportunity to see pretty much all of them.

It would be tough to quantify the number of kids and teams I'm planning and looking forward to see, but I always leave July with a much better feel for the West Coast than I had coming in, and I'm sure this year will be no different.

Brian Snow: For me I have never been to a USA Basketball event, so I am most looking forward to that U-17 tryouts at the end of the month. It looks like the camp is going to be loaded with top prospects, and just in that environment it should be great.

I am all over the map the first two evaluation periods, but maybe the thing I am looking forward to most there is the Reebok Camp. Usually a few under the radar guys really emerge there, and it will also give me a chance to see a few of the prospects I missed during the spring due to either injury or just not being at the same event as them.

Evan Daniels: There are always a number of things I pay close attention to in July.

1. What coaches are watching whom? It's always fun to track where the college coaches are spending the most time. It's easy to figure out their priorities when you track where they spend their evaluations. There is one thing college coaches don't like to do in July and that's waste time.

2. I'm looking forward to the first session, where I'll hit all three of the major shoe camps. On Wednesday and Thursday I'll be at RBK Breakout Camp, which is always a great place to see sleepers. Then on Friday and Saturday I'll be at LeBron Camp to see the stable of players that Nike has put together. I'll then close out the period in Chicago at the adidas Camp.

3. I'm also looking forward to seeing who emerges. There's always a couple of players that go from virtual unknown to high major recruit and I'm looking forward to seeing who that is.

Rob Harrington: The first leg of July will put me in front of some Nike-affiliated players, in Maryland, whom I've watched less extensively than some of their peers. I'll follow that up with the Best of the South event in suburban Atlanta, which will be great for me given that I live in the Southeast. My second session mostly will feature Nike's EYBL culmination, the Peach Jam, along with another strong regional event (with a national flavor as well), the Peach State Summer Showcase, held in South Carolina. Watching the best Nike has to offer is imperative for any national scout, and again, gaining greater mastery over my home region also looms critical.

And then it's off to Las Vegas to catch many of the players I've missed at other stops. Last year, for example, at least half of my Pac-12 evaluations occurred during that week in the West. And beyond my specific schedule, I always enjoy working collaboratively with my Scout colleagues as we blanket the country.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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