Real-life ‘Hammer of Thor’ discovered

A hammer bearing Viking runes has been discovered by archaeologists along with thousands of other Viking amulets that provide insight into the famous Norse legend.

Thor is more than a character made famous by the Marvel Comics creators. He is a hammer-wielding god from Norse mythology charged with the protection of mankind. Thousands of tiny amulets bearing resemblance to Thor’s hammer have been found all over the Viking world for centuries, but it’s remained a mystery as to whether these amulets were a direct representation of the Norse god. A recently unearthed amulet, however, might be the discovery that solves the mystery.

Thor was a popularly-mentioned god throughout the history of the Germanic peoples, but his popularity soared during the Viking Age. Legend states that Vikings wore emblems of Thor’s hammer in defiance of the Christianization of Scandinavia, but there have been no archaeological discoveries to prove the legend.

Archaeologists that recently discovered a 10th century amulet, also known as a ‘torshammere’, on the Danish island of Lolland, might finally have evidence that Thor’s legend influenced Viking jewelry.

Peter Pentz, an archaeologist at the National Museum of Denmark told MailOnlinethat the runes on this amulet confirm that other similar amulets do depict Thor’s hammer. The runes inscribed were deciphered as saying “This is a Hammer.”

Thor’s hammer is one of the most powerful weapons in Norse mythology, having the capability to level mountains. The amulet discovered by archaeologists is cast in bronze and has traces of silver, tin, and gold plating. Amulets like the one discovered were often believed by Vikings to have protective powers.


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