Kirk holding steady into July heat

The Ty Lawson/Victor Oladipo camp in Maryland brought Kirk's game to the forefront, as at times he appeared to be one of the most gifted scorers in attendance.

Just one look at Shaun Kirk reveals that he'd likely be a talent. With 6-6 height, long arms and an angular frame, Kirk appears to be a natural athlete.

And he is. Kirk runs and jumps explosively and utilizes his length to contribute as a defender and offensive rebounder as well. Additionally, he's a fairly good jump shooter from long-range who, in at least one contest at camp, caught fire and buried multiple threes in a single half.

Getting stronger and becoming more consistent will be key, as will effectively resetting his recruitment. Kirk transferred high schools at midseason this past year and, after finishing up his senior year in 2014-15, will attend a prep school to be determined the following season. Although a senior, then, functionally he belongs to the Class of 2016.

"My recruitment is still going, I'm trying to get situated," Kirk said. "Right now I'm focusing on my game and looking to get better on 'D' and also improve my ballhandling."

Kirk does need to tighten up his dribbling, but already he handles okay for a wing. He's tall enough to play a combo forward role but long-term definitely should be able to dedicate himself to the perimeter.

The coaches recruiting him are monitoring his progress and, after July, are likely to resume focus and prioritize him as a clear high-major talent.

"Virginia Tech may offer soon, I talked to Coach (Buzz) Williams," Kirk said. "I also have interest from N.C. State, Maryland, Clemson, Wichita State and East Carolina."

Kirk will continue to tour with Team United for the remainder of the month.

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