Video: Werner Compact Extension Ladder

There's no denying the value of an extension ladder. It's a necessity for many jobs. Unfortunately, extension ladders can be awkward to carry, too large to haul in many vehicles and require a large, open space for storage.

The Werner Compact Extension Ladders solve or at least make these challenges easier to manage. In this episode of We Tried It, I got my hands on a Werner 16-ft. Aluminum Compact Extension Ladder. It has the same extended length as any other 16-ft. extension ladder, but, unlike traditional two-section ladders that reduce to an 8-ft. length, this ladder features three sections and reduces down to six feet. Two less feet in length makes a big difference. You can transport this ladder in most vehicles that feature a rear door and you can store it in a small backyard shed or even an interior closet.

Besides the obvious benefits of this compact design, the one feature that I really like is the built-in carry handle. It clips together to keep the ladder sections together and makes it much easier and more comfortable to lift and carry.

Werner makes both aluminum and fiberglass versions of this ladder. The type 2 aluminum model that I tested retails for around $149 which is only $10 more than the comparably rated two-section ladder.

Watch a video review of the Werner Compact Extension Ladder:

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