Dr. Roto's Exclusive QB Rankings (1-20)

Dr. Roto’s Exclusive QB Rankings: The following format was used to come up with my overall point total: (TD passes x 4; Total passing yards/ 20 ; Rushing yards x .10; Rushing TDs x 6)

Dr. Roto's Exclusive Rankings

QB: 1-20 | 21-40
RB PPR: 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60
WR PPR: 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75
TE PPR: 1-20
DST: 1-20
K: 1-20


1)    Peyton Manning (Bye 4) 410 points

Roto Visionary says: “Manning’s schedule is brutal, particularly in the first seven to eight weeks of the season. However, even if he regresses, he is still the top QB in any format.”

2)    Aaron Rodgers (Bye 9) 405 points

Roto Visionary says: “People may forget how good Rodgers was in 2012. He still has great weapons, but the Pack does like to run it quite a bit in the redzone.”

3)    Drew Brees (Bye 6) 388 points

Roto Visionary says: “Watch the game film on Brees last year; it really looks like he struggled at certain points with his accuracy. Brees might be a bit over drafted in leagues.”

4)    Robert Griffin III (Bye 10) 386 points

Roto Visionary says:   “Two years ago, I called RG3 as a Top 6 QB and this year I am calling him Top 4.  If you include rushing yardage and rushing TDs into the scoring matrix, it bumps him up immeasurably. “

5)    Cam Newton (Bye 12) 380 points

Roto Visionary says: “I actually think that Cam is one of the most overrated QBs in Fantasy Football. He only had one 300 yard passing game all last season. That said, he still accumulates tons of points for you with his legs and by the goal line.”

6)    Andrew Luck (Bye 10) 372 points

Roto Visionary says: “If I was starting a dynasty league, Luck might be my first choice as he is only getting better, but in redraft leagues he is still on the cusp of greatness. The Colts are not putting the ball in Luck’s hands to win or lose. If they change their philosophy, he jumps to Top 3.”

7)    Matthew Stafford (Bye 9) 366 points

Roto Visionary says: “Purely from a passing standpoint Stafford is a top QB, however, he loses ground to the others because he rarely takes off from the pocket.”

8)    Ben Roethlisberger (Bye 12) 366 points

Roto Visionary says: “This might come as a shock to some, but Big Ben is way more mobile than he looks. He is also a lock for 1-2 TD plunges per season. With greater understanding of the nuances of OC Todd Haley’s offense, look for even better things in 2014.”

9)    Jay Cutler (Bye 9) 363 points

Roto Visionary says: “Cutler has two outstanding weapons in WRs Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. Additionally, HC Marc Trestman might be the best offensive guru the NFL has seen since Bill Walsh. This leads to Cutler’s emergence in the Top 10.”

10) Colin Kaepernick (Bye 8) 358 points

Roto Visionary says: Michael Crabtree makes all the difference here. Last season, Kaepernick did not trust his WRs to make plays. Crabtree is his guy and helps Kaepernick return to Top 10 status.”

11) Tony Romo (Bye 11) 354 points

Roto Visionary says: “If you believe that a bad defense helps make for a good offense then Romo is your guy. The Cowboys will have to win virtually every game in a shootout, so look for him to put up monster Fantasy points this season.”

12) Nick Foles (Bye 7)   349 points

Roto Visionary says: “If there is one QB who I think is too low in these rankings, it is Foles. I am a believer and I expect him to be my starting QB in most of my leagues.”

13) Matt Ryan (Bye 9) 344 points

Roto Visionary says: “Ryan will be a sexy pick at your draft and with good reason. White and Jones are two of the elite receivers in the NFL and he has the full confidence of the coaching staff.”

14) Russell Wilson (Bye 4) 340 points

Roto Visionary says: “Wilson doesn’t get that many attempts per game, but he shows a lot of moxie in the pocket. Add the fact that he will run for close to 300 yards and he is an underrated Fantasy QB.”

15) Tom Brady (Bye 10) 336 points

Roto Visionary says: “The name says Top 10, but the numbers say QB2.”

16) Eli Manning (Bye 8) 334 points

Roto Visionary says: “Look for a big bounce back year from Eli.  A new offensive coordinator (Ben McAdoo from Green Bay) brings a new scheme and more quick passes to the outside receivers. Eli has a great shot at finishing in the Top 10 by year’s end.”

17) Philip Rivers (Bye 10) 329 points

Roto Visionary says: “Rivers way exceeded expectations last year, so expect a regression. I like his fire, but he needs more firepower at wide receiver.”

18) Ryan Tannehill (Bye 5) 324 points

Roto Visionary says:  “This is a big year for Tannehill as the Dolphins cannot wait much longer for him to emerge as the QB of the future. He is not naturally suited to the position, but he shows reasonably good instincts. I think people will overrate the fact that the new OC is bringing the Chip Kelly offense to Miami.”

19) Carson Palmer (Bye 4) 322 points

Roto Visionary says: “Palmer gets virtually zero respect as a Fantasy QB, but he has great weapons all over the place and one of the top offensive coaching minds in HC Bruce Arians. Look for Palmer to have a solid year with close to 4000 yards passing and 30 TDs.”

20) Andy Dalton (Bye 4) 315 points

Roto Visionary says:  "New OC Hue Jackson is talking up the fact that he wants to reduce the number of passing attempts for Dalton. While I still think we see 30 TDs from Dalton, I am not sure we see big yardage.”

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