Scout Q&A: Standup Comic Kurt Metzger

We spoke to the Emmy-nominated funnyman live from the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal.

How’s it going in Montreal?
Not bad, man. I just got here yesterday. I had three shows already, and they all went really good, I was happy with them. The crowds are good.

Do you find the crowds over there any different than crowds in the States?
Well, Canada in general has easier crowds than the States. They just have longer attention spans, you know. Like, they could be very like kind of PC, but they’ll hear you out before they make those little judgments; they’ll hear our your whole joke. Whereas in the states, people tend to listen more for just buzz words, and don’t even listen to your fucking joke, so they’re offended when they don’t need to be.

Do you like it over there?
I’ve been here a few times. I mean, in the summer it’s fantastic, yeah. I used to work here in the winter all the time, though, and it was terrible. It’s just cold—slushy, awful weather.

What else besides standup are you up to, work-wise?
The main thing is I write for Amy Schumer’s show, and we got nominated for an Emmy, so hopefully that will lead to more work.

That’s great, congrats! So do the comics hang out a lot at the festival?
Yeah. Usually we go to the Hyatt, where everyone is staying, and sometimes we just hang out at the bar until they close. But a lot of times we’ll go out to eat, or like last night I had people in my room to play PlayStation. There’s a bunch of people here, it’s fun.

Did you bring your PlayStation with you?
Yeah, I do in general, wherever I travel.

Is there anything else you always have with you, besides the PlayStation? Besides clean underwear and a toothbrush?
No, sometimes I don’t even have that! Sometimes I have to pick it up at my destination. Um, I don’t know, I try to bring weed all the time, but I wouldn’t do that to here because of the border. Also, there’s so much here, in Canada, you’d be dumb to try to bring it.

What’s your favorite video game that you’re playing now?
Right now I’m playing UFC, because I can beat other people, and I’m liking that a lot. It kind of looks like a match, you know, the way it plays out. It looks like the real thing.

Are any of the comics you were hanging out with last night especially good at the game?!

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